– Debut Album –

Moon Woman Open Gates

LIVE at p.m.k Innsbruck
“Hammer & Chain” (Unreleased) & “Eastern Lights” Jam

Moon Woman - Hammer & Chain//Eastern Lights (Jam) - LIVE at PMK Innsbruck - Austria //22.03.24

Musicvideo: “Rain Rider (Dolphins)” – from upcoming Album

Moon Woman - Rain Rider (Dolphins) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Musicvideo: “The Pigs Are Dead” – from upcoming Album

Moon Woman - The Pigs Are Dead (Official Video)

– EP –

Moon Woman Gardeners Delight
Moon Woman Gardeners Delight

Musicvideo: “Dance of the Komorebi”

Moon Woman - "Dance of the Komorebi" [Official Video]

Live at Talstation

Lydia's Nightmare & Moon Woman live from Talstation